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Loh-e-Shams | Loh of Sun | لوح شرف شمس | Sharf-e- Shams

Sun is the ruling planet of Leo, its element is fire and the symbol is lion.
Who use Loh-e Shams?
The person's who wants Honor, dignity, fame, victory, height, government, politics, designation Pursuit, high position, Job stability and promotion, victory over the enemies, fearless personality, supremacy, and the male offspring should keep Loh of Sun with them.
The employes who's promotion is stagnating, Are suffering from the problem of Recruitment, Feel
inhibitions in front of senior officials, Doesn't have strong thinking power, no respect of clear appearance like other employes at boss.
What benefits you see after keeping the Loh-e Shams?
Loh e Shams will open your mind, give a strong thinking power, success in job, promotion, and un exceptional victory which you never thought on permanent basis. We suggests to News anchors, hosts, and other media persons to keep this loh with them to achieve unusual fame and popularity among public. 

Hadiya of Loh-e Shams on paper is 2500, 25$ on metal is 4500, 45$ and gold pleated loh hadiya is 8500 85$. 

Note: always pay for handmade loh, don't g for Machine made Loh of any planet because machine made loh will not work. Handmade loh look like this Click Here to view.
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