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Dua for Getting House | Wazifa For New Home | Dua for Buying Own Home

Every one from us want to buy own Property and want to move from Rental House But due to Some reason he/She Unable to Buy own property/Home so we are sharing this Wazifa for those who want to get their own property or a Home ,Inshallah this Dua Help you in your Wish Just read and see the Power of this dua.


  1. I am preety sure this is a good dua...but many of us don't know how to read urdu. So it would be more helpfull if the details are given in english, so most of us can understand

    1. AOA, it says to read darud pak 11 times, then 7:10 (surah 7 al-araf, ayat 10) 151 times, then darud pak 11 times. Hope thi helps and all our prayers are answered insha'Allah, ameen.

  2. Can we do this wazifa if have already one house but small want to sale this and buy biger.thanx