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Dua for any problem | Wazifa for All Problems

These All wazaif relate to Hast Salam.
9 - if you are in Alienation / imprisonment / Jail / Prison and want to get rid from Hanging or other punishment so read ayat-e-salam 165 times daily and after that recite Surah-e-Jin 25 times.
10 - If you want to Subservient Human that every one like you and accept your orders or you have other  Purpose so read Hast Salam 110 times Daily. Inshallah you get unseen help from Allah and success will come at your doors.
11 - the person who read Hasht Salam daily at Fix Time he will see Strange effects and will get success in every Position. I unable to read all the benefits of this ayat so read and get Prosperity from Allah.

Note : These dua's for Enemies,Sehar o Jadu,Joblees situation ,Ghaybi Madad,Izzat o waqar,Traqqi,Kamyabi,Taskheer e Khalaiq etc
just read and follow these wazifa's as written in pics and all are very effectively work to solve your problems very quick.
2 - If you trying to Defeat, or Humiliation of your enemies then you have to do 6 day amal of Hasht Salam.
Ayat e Salam 101 times and 11 times Durod e ajal before and after ayat e salam.
3 - if you want to save yourself from enemies then read ayat e salam 313 times.

Please Pray for Us if your problems are solved then remember us in your prayers you can contact us via mail or Phone no as given above on Blog.

Ayat e Salam ya Hasht Salam

if you want to do Above given wazaif then please read below given Ayat e salam.


  1. kiya ham yeh bila ijazat perh saktay hien?please aur darood-e- ajal Allah tala bata dien

  2. can you please translate in english

  3. We translated the First image and inshallah soon we will translate remaining two images too.

  4. Please post the dua with aarab we will not be able to read it correctly

    1. Assalam o alaikum,
      Well these all wazaif are related to " hasht salam" and Hasht salam are written in last image in Arabic, So what kind of difficulty you have please tell us, we feel happy to help you regarding that matter.
      please contact us via email or skype Rohanidunya247@gmail.com / Skype; Rohanidunya247

    hum par lone hai us kai liye wazifa bata dai please

    1. Recite this http://rohanidunya.blogspot.com/2014/07/surah-e-muzammil-wazifa-for-any-hajat.html

  6. mei mushkil mei hun aur surah MUHAMMAD b parha ri hun 7 jummay aur hajat ka 40 times surah ikhlas wala wazifa parh ri hun bt us k sath kisi aur wazifay ki ijazat ni aur mje apni mushkil ka urgent hal chahe kun k ami mera rishta jaldi krna chah ri hein ek shakhs qaid mei h us se job leni h usne wada kia tha job ka plz help me mere pas time ni mei kya krun ab k jis se mushkil hal ho jaye sab kehte hen k wazifay zyada kro to kam ult ho jata h plzzzz guide me help me