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Wazifa for Rizq / Money & Debt Payment | Dua for Daste Ghaib

How to Read Namaz for Adayedi e Qarz or Paying Debts
Read 2 Rakat Namaz like Nifli namaz on Friday Night After salam Read Ya Haiyoo Ya Qayyomoo 100 times,Ya Wahaboo 1000 Times .
Follow this to 12 nights of Friday only.
Also read Tasbeeh e Asmaye Husna
Ya Razaqqoo, Ya Nafieoo, Ya Ghanioo, Ya wahabooo, Ya Basitoo, Ya Muootiooo,

For any especial Wish

Read this after namaz e Fajar 40 times with 11 times Durud Pak before and after of this Dua And Beg you wish/ problem / desire to Allah.
Allahumma Inni As-aaluka Bi minkaa-l Azeemee Wa Ehsaanikal Qadeemee.

If a person read 300 times Bismillah Hir Rehman er Rahim till 3 Sundays in front of Sun Rising then he get Rizq and Money from different resources and will get success in any work.

Dast e ghaib ya Gheebi zaraye se Rizq ka hasool
Read Ayat no 114 of Surah e Maida para no 7 1100 times daily
Read daily 100 times Astaghfirullahee rabbi min Kulle Zanbee wa Atoobo Eleeh  at morning and Evening.
Read Lahol o wala Qowate Illa billah e Aliul azeem
and Read Ta-wooz to become rich.

Read this Dua after namaz e Fajar 110 times with 11 times Durud sharif before and after of this Dua.
Allahumma Aghnini Bi Halalika Aan Haramika Wa Bi Fazlika Amman Siwaka

Try to read Astaghfar and Surah e Qadar as much as possible.
Also Follow This for Adayegi e Qarz

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