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Adayegi E Qarz | Wazifa for Qarz | Qarz ki Dua

1-Allahumma Aghnini Bi Halalika Un Haramika Wa Bi Fazlika Amman Siwaka

Read this ayat after namaz e fajar 110 times with Durud pak in start and End of this dua, then do Dua for adayegi e qarz in your words.Also read Asthaghfar and Surah e Qadar as much as possible for get rid of Qarz.

2- The Person who read This Dua daily after Namaz-e-Zuhar 100 times , he/she never be under debts, Allah help him/Her to pay their Debts.
Read This after Namaz-e-Zuhar 100 times.
" Allahumma Salley Ala Muhamma-Diu Wa Ala Aalehey wa Barik Wasallim."

3- Read this dua after Namaz e Isha
First read 11 times Durud Sharif
then read Ism e Mubarak Illahi Ya wahaboo 1414 times
then read this dua
Ya Wahabo Hab Li Min Nimatid Dunya Wal Aakhiratee Innakaa Antal Wahab 100 times

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