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wazifa for Child | Dua For Acquiring Baby Boy

If You are Acquiring Baby Boythen Above given wazifa is very powerful to get baby boy.This Wazifa take 7 days and you have to read this after Namz-e-Fajar and Namaz-e-Maghrib.
What You have to read to do Ataaye Farzind Wazifa :
 Durud-e-Muhammadi 10 times
Astaghfir-Ullah 70 times,
Subhan Allah 70 times,
Astaghfir-Ullah 10 times,
Subhan Allah 9 times
Astaghfir-Ullah 1 Time
Durood-e-Muhammadi 10 times
Please offer five time namaz.
 If you do not have Child and Acquiring Aulad the read this wazifa after Namaz e fajar 100 times daily till 7 or 15 day.
How to Read this Wazifa:
Durood Sharif 3 Times
Then Read this Dua 100 times,
" Astaghfir Ullahul-la-Zi laa Illahaa Illa-Howaar Rehmanor - Raheemool - Haaiyoul Qayoomoo wa atooboo eelayhee. "
Durud Sharif 3 times again. after reading this take 375 ltr Milk and do dam on that milk and drink both mean husband and wife.
This Dua is also for Getting Aulaad, Lets check how to do this wazifa...
You have to do this wazifa only on friday at Asar time.
On every friday after namaz e asar  you have to read
14 times durod sharif
55 times Ayat-ul-Kursii,
105 times  " Ya Khaliqoo, Ya Musaweroo, Ya bareeyoo, Ya Muqtaderoo, Ya Mateenoo, Ya Qadeeroo, Ya Allahoo " then take the name of that lady who want child  for example Ay Allah Ruqiya-bin- Raziya ko Oolad Ataa farma.
after that
Do dam on water bottle and add 3 to 5 table spoon honey into water in the bottle and drink this water for 1 week, next friday do gain this wazifa and do same as you did before and again drink that water for 1 week.
you have to do this wazifa once in a week.

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